Our ‘Solution based’ Winshuttle Services Include:

  • Winshuttle Implementation & Training
  • Master Data Governance
  • Data Validation Solutions
  • Strategic Deployment Design
  • Transaction and Query Development
  • Workflow Development
    • Implementation
    • Training
  • VBA Custom Development
    • Excel
    • Access
  • Winshuttle FORMS Development
  • License Utilization Analysis

Could you Innovate with Winshuttle vs Traditional Development in SAP

In parallel to major changes to IS Infrastructure and environments established SAP clients are increasingly looking beyond traditional development in SAP to meet their business needs. There are many instances where innovation using Winshuttle can offer tangible advantage compared to traditional Development in SAP on every count:
Rapid Time to Implement
Increased Business Process Ownership
Low Development Costs
Enhanced Flexibility
Improved Scalability
Improved Sustainability
Lower Lifetime Costs (TCO)
Reduced Risks
The AG Consultancy leadership team have been working with Winshuttle products since 2008. Our consultants are amongst the most experienced and capable in terms of pure Winshuttle expertise. Our extensive hands-on Winshuttle expertise is further enhanced when factoring in our core SAP Consulting and In-House Microsoft Integration capabilities (particularly with Excel Macro) and track record of innovation in integration. As SAP Data Migration experts with extensive ‘Real World’ Industry experience, disciplined Project Management practices and tailored Support offerings our Winshuttle Partnering credentials are without peer.
We are proud to be Winshuttle Partners and proud to have been the only Partner invited to present at the inaugural EMEA Winshuttle User Group in 2014. We believe that Winshuttle tools will become ever more integral to our clients Enterprise Strategies and SAP Environments and are fully committed to continue to be at the forefront of the Winshuttle journey.
Our Winshuttle Partnership runs deep with our close collaboration in pioneering areas of Technical integration with SAP and Microsoft Technologies – further details are available upon request.
We can assist you with all aspects of using Winshuttle including designing complex data migration and process solutions as well as provide Winshuttle training and/or knowledge transfer. Our SAP experience combined with our Winshuttle experience makes us uniquely qualified to assist you with SAP and/or Winshuttle needs.


Contact us to discuss how we can help you realise the benefits of Winshuttle