AG Smart Solutions

The Challenge

Designing and building solutions that truly support your business is half the challenge with SAP. The system is so well equipped to cater for most business scenarios that users can easily get confused, work inconsistently or acquire bad habits if training and governance are inadequate.

What AG Provides

AG are leaders in developing Smart Solutions that can address many of the day-to-day challenges associated with using SAP. We have worked with many of the UK’s largest businesses to help them put in place solutions that not only drive data and process governance but also reduce training needs and drive efficiencies.

Our Approach

AG will discuss with you specific pain points, and help you to identify root causes and opportunities for improvement.

We will provide you with options of what can be achieved and can support you to build a business case. Once the scope of the project has been agreed, we will start work to automate, simplify, integrate and embed business rules at a speed that you may have not thought possible.

AG Smart Solutions have been adopted by many of our clients to drive efficiencies in master data management, but there are no real restrictions to where they can be applied. Suited to both tactical wins and long-term strategic initiatives, they require little or no SAP system change.

Benefits of the AG Solution


Automate business processes end to end.

Advanced Governance

Improve data quality and process governance.

Rapid Delivery

Live, up and running solutions in weeks.

Real World

Solutions tailored to your unique requirements.

Case Studies

AG is an independent SAP Consultancy, SAP Gold Partner and SAP Quality Awards Finalist. AG’s high quality, smart solutions effectively solve real-world challenges for some of the most successful businesses in sectors such as energy, oil & gas and consumer goods.

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