SAP Business Process Definition or Improvement

If you are embarking on a new SAP Implementation, extending the scope of an existing SAP Installation or seeking to identify and realise improvements to SAP orientated processes AG Consulting are well positioned to help.

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Having gained vast experience of SAP both during Implementation Projects and in Business-As-Usual Support we can help providing pragmatic and sustainable guidance during all stages including Requirements Gathering, Business Process Design, Implementation and Support.

Our deep and broad ‘Real World’ experience affords us considerable scope to help identify areas where tangible improvements are possible and to realise the potential benefits utilizing a wide spectrum of tools and techniques.

SAP Custom Enhancements (RICEF)

Whether seeking to extend Standard SAP functionality by adding Custom Enhancements during an SAP implementation or as part of a later Business Process Improvement initiative our expertise is on hand.

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Our Consultants have extensive experience of defining, developing and implementing Customisations/RICEF’s (Reports, Interfaces, Conversions, Enhancements and Forms) in SAP. We understand the long term overheads and cost implications of Custom Enhancements and before embarking on the obvious Development approach we will always seek to explore the full range of possible options – incorporating a Proof Of Concept based approach where appropriate to determine feasibility whilst minimising risks during the early stages of a project.

Sometimes SAP Development is unavoidable but with the advances in complimentary toolsets many Business Requirements can fulfilled using innovative methods – for example by employing refinements to Business Processes and/or the use of 3rd Party Tools such as Winshuttle, Macro’s, etc.

SAP Project Management

We believe that transparent and robust Project Management offer tangible benefits and should be a pre-requisite for all SAP Business Process , Implementation or Change activities.

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Our PRINCE2 Practitioner Certified leadership team actively manage all commercial assignments and ensure that robust and pragmatic Project Governance is in place in every client engagement – whether on a large or small scale.

AG Consulting operate using a lean and cost-effective model and will assess whether a dedicated Full-Time or Part-Time Project Management resource is required. We are flexible to work with established internal Project Office resources and systems or can provide a full-scale Project Support capability.

SAP Implementation

The AG Consultancy team have extensive SAP experience averaging 10 yrs+ and have been through multiple SAP project lifecycles. Our consultants also have rich industry experience – this wealth of expertise significantly helps in the application of practical, user friendly processes.

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AG Consultancy implements industry specific Best Practices and SAP provided Accelerated SAP implementation methodologies to achieve rapid and successful implementation to help you derive maximum value from SAP investments. The implementation is conducted in the following phases

* Project preparation
* Business blueprint
* Realization
* Final preparation
* Go live and support

SAP Data Migration

One of the critical factors in determining the real success of each SAP Implementation is the quality of data which is loaded in SAP. The challenges of achieving a quality result during Data Conversion should not be underestimated, and neither should the reduced benefits and potentially long term challenge in cleansing data retrospectively in SAP.

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During Data Conversion from disparate source systems (e.g. Finance, Supply Chain and Maintenance) the emphasis can often be narrowly focussed on replicating the data in the source systems rather than focussing on the real business data needs. This can often result in silo’ed data in a common system rather than truly integrated data and a shortfall in the promised benefits of investing in SAP.

Data Migration can be highly complex and challenging (both from a technical conversion perspective and from a Data Gathering and cleansing perspective). Being a major contributor in terms of time and resource consumption for any SAP project completion, it becomes imperative to guide the client in data conversion process. We at AG Consultancy are Specialist in Data migration and Cutover Management. We help clients define data migration strategy, create migration tools, co-ordinate data collection and data validation, define data governance process and manage cut-over activities.

We excel in implementing Winshuttle products for data migration during the project phase, which can be further utilized in BAU environment. We also create user friendly excel form that can be auto mapped with data migration template.

SAP Testing

Robust testing of SAP solutions is critical to ensure that SAP functionalities deliver the anticipated benefits.

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In keeping with ‘Best Practice’ Project Management methodologies we seek to fully define the Testing scope, ownership and quality standards in advance. By ensuring testing acceptance criteria are defined and agreed in advance then sufficient focus, time and resources can be made available to ensure the overall solution is fit for purpose, robust and completed on time.

We can support the client by preparing the test scripts and carry-out the testing for the following testing stages:

* Unit/Product Testing
* System Integration Testing
* User Acceptance Testing
* Authorisations/Role based Testing Interface Testing
* Interface Testing
* Regression Testing
* Upgrade/SP Testing

SAP Training

A new SAP implementation can often come hand-in hand with changes to Business Processes. To new SAP users the combination of process changes and unfamiliar SAP screens can initially seem daunting.

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Our capabilities in developing effective transitionary yet sustainable Training Materials and in Training Delivery are highly acclaimed.

AG Consultancy can work within the framework of client specific Training standards or we can develop a Training strategy and materials from scratch. Where appropriate we advocate embracing the overarching Business Processes which encompass SAP functions in role based Training – by leveraging our extensive industry experience we can quickly grasp and incorporate Client specific Business Processes in training collateral.

Structured High Quality SAP training helps to smooth the change process, to reduce Support requirements and to accelerate the realisation of benefits from your investment in SAP.

SAP Support

When embarking on an SAP or Winshuttle centric initiatives in conjunction with specialist partners Go-Live Support is a must. Our Partner Support offering is highly flexible and can be tailored to an individual clients requirements from establishing a longer term strategic partnership to periodic targeted pro-active support.

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Our SAP support service can be delivered using any combination of On-site or Remote Support and can benefit from cost-effective pricing via our On-Shore/Offshore Delivery Model.

We go beyond issue resolution and routinely perform root cause analysis to understand the real issue. By establishing the root of the issues corrective actions can help to stabilise the SAP environment and to identify potential areas for User Training or further enhancement.

We can also provide pro-active support for evaluating the impact of upcoming changes – see our Support page for more details.