Robotic Process Automation

The Challenge

Companies constantly seek to improve processes and reduce costsall while increasing the speed of businessIn reality, most processes are far from flowing through IT applications and require employees to intervene with tedious, repetitive and manual tasks. Improving or integrating processes has demonstrated to be costly and is not a failproof solution. 

What AG Provides

Every employee dreams of delegating dull, repetitive tasks to another person, but what about a robot? With expertise in the latest and smartest RPA technologies, from UiPath to Winshuttle, AG can design and implement complex automation routines that can accelerate and streamline company processes. This frees employees’ time from non-value adding tasks, enabling the enterprise to focus on strategic activity.

Our Approach

AG delivers outstanding RPA solutions thanks to its automation track record and product knowledge, which we combine with deep SAP and process expertise. We harness great value from process automation by re-designing, simplifying and automating processes using best of breed technologies. At AG we believe that introducing true innovation doesn’t have to mean long and costly implementations; instead, a greater ROI can be achieved by embracing disruptive technologies like RPA.


Business processes often involve the need to orchestrate data across multiple systems. However, legacy infrastructure often make integration difficult, fragile or expensive, requiring data to be rekeyed to be able to move along processes. Such activities have a significant cost for the business, impact negatively on employees’ morale and are at high risk of human error.

AG has long expertise and is widely regarded as a leader in delivering high quality, value-adding integration and automation solutions that address specific needs, such as master data creation. A natural extension for AG in this area, UiPath provides us with further depth and flexibility to be able to offer truly fit for purpose and agile solutions that innovate and accelerate the speed of your business.


SAP plays a key role in many organisations as it holds key operational data and controls most of business activities. However, running processes in SAP is not always easy for users who are required to enter large amounts of data and acquire deep system knowledge to make the system operate smoothly.

AG has a strong history of clients that have achieved better usability and data management in SAP using Winshuttle. AG’s experience with Winshuttle goes back a long way and we have the highest number of certified consultants in EMEA outside our partner. We merry this product expertise with deep SAP process and system knowledge as well as technical expertise in associated technologies.

Benefits of the AG Solution


Gain efficiencies, scalability & process reliability.


Drive data and process governance.

Quick Wins

Realise large direct and indirect savings.


Increase responsiveness and scalability.

Case Studies

AG is an independent SAP Consultancy, SAP Gold Partner and SAP Quality Awards Finalist. AG’s high quality, smart solutions effectively solve real-world challenges for some of the most successful businesses in sectors such as energy, oil & gas and consumer goods.

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