Our Approach

Solution Based Approach defining and delivering Quality Solutions

First and foremost we are an independent ‘Business Orientated’ SAP Technical Solution Consultancy business, not a ‘Product Sales’ led business. As such we are able to offer unbiased, practical and cost-efficient advice based on an individual clients specific circumstances and needs.Where we excel and add real value is in analyzing our client’s business needs and recommend a solution which is both pragmatic and fit for purpose. An optimum solution could be anything from introducing a complimentary 3rd Party Application, enhancements based on pure SAP Development, a refinement to Business Processes or more often than not a blended approach.

Collaborative Approach leading to quality outcomes

SAP offers tremendous potential is streamlining processes, driving efficiencies and supporting advanced analytics but it is not uncommon for innovation to struggle to reap the full benefits which were anticipated. All too often improvements in one area can have an knock-on effect elsewhere or fail to harness the wider potential due to silo’s or unrealistic expectations. We always seek to ensure we thoroughly understand the business requirement and to identify impacted areas. We always strive to ensure that quality outcomes are achieved efficiently and to a high standard through an integrated, collaborative approach to requirements definition and the transition to ‘Business As Usual’

Structured Approach transparent and robust

At the outset of each engagement we will clearly define the key activities, milestones and interdependencies. As accredited Prince2 Practitioners our leadership team are fully committed to robust and transparent Project Planning & Governance. We refine the specific approach to be undertaken to each project based on it’s individual and unique challenges. We can rigorously adhere to a clients specific Project Management methodologies and are advocates of a structured, pragmatic approach.

Strategic Approach maximizing chances of success

Our approach to each undertaking is structured to maximize the chances of success. This is not just during testing and sign-off but equally that the solution is fit for purpose, robust, sustainable and cost effective. Where a particular requirement is highly complex and challenging we will always recommend completing a Proof of Concept before proceeding with the wider scope. If there is some uncertainty in being able to achieve a particular technical design requirement we will be able to pinpoint the challenge and prioritise here first. Invariably there may be alternative approaches which could involve anything from complex Macro development, SAP Enhancement or even a simple change to Business Process in conjunction with SAP configuration change… In many cases a blended approach offers an optimum solution and this is an area where AG Consultancy offer unrivalled capabilities.

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