Data Remediation

The Challenge

So we all know the adage “Garbage In = Garbage Out” but people are starting to realise that bad data not only leads to misleading and compromised insight impeding good quality decision making but these legacy data issues are now becoming a significant barrier to game changing next gen technologies which rely on good quality data sets for predictive analytics, AI & ML, etc. Taking a systematic approach legacy Data issues can pave the way for legacy Data opportunities.

What AG Provides

Advocating a systematic approach AG seeks to provide services which get your data in good shape and help to keep it in good shape. We help define detailed and fit for purpose Data Standards, then we fix your data and then we help to ensure once you have got good data that you have tools and processes to keep in good shape.

Our Approach

Leveraging the solid foundation of a detailed and fit for purpose Data Standards we would undertake an initial impact data assessment before making data remediation recommendations. We always take a pragmatic approach to size and recommend data remediation scope – which could be anything from simple data enrichment, data cleansing or even full scale data rebuild where required and where there is clear business benefit in doing so.

We also consider what else is going on elsewhere as many of these activities can apply equally to Data Remediation as they do to Data Migration or system conversion/upgrade, etc (i.e. if you have big changes coming up such as moving to S/4HANA we can help minimise overall costs, risks and business disruption). We then look to ensure that Data Quality is maintained through sustainable and robust Data Governance tools and processes.

Benefits of the AG Solution

Gold Standard

Tried and tested methodology.


Auto data validation.


Flexible approach to data remediation.

Quality Outcomes

Quality assurance.

Case Studies

Complex SAP Data Remediation

Complex SAP Data Remediation

AG led a highly complex project to cleanse and migrate to SAP maintenance data as part of a leading E&P company’s Maintenance Excellence programme. AG had already defined the SAP data standards, but now had to ensure these were applied to all data.

The project, were Winshuttle was used to upload the remediated data, involved a high number of activities that followed stringent policies and procedures. The result was complete maintenance data now in SAP in the right format and following the correct hierarchy. This enabled the business to undertake the right maintenance going forward, prioritising what was safety critical.

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AG Smart Automation Replaces BPO

AG Smart Automation Replaces BPO

AG helped this major UK energy provider to significantly improve the process for creating Project Accounting master data in SAP. The company was experiencing long delays and data quality issues due to shared ownership, knowledge gaps and insufficient system and process governance.

In fact, while Finance would provide project figures, it was the task of an off-shore team, who had the SAP knowledge, to enter data in the system. Using Winshuttle, AG developed a smart, user-friendly interface that allowed Finance to directly input project data into SAP easily, in real time and without error. This eliminated the need for the off-shore overhead while improving data governance and quality.

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M&A: Rapid Supplier Payments Migration

M&A: Rapid Supplier Payments Migration

When this global leader in specialist pharmaceutical active ingredients was acquired, they engaged AG to ensure that the processing of supplier payments amounting to $100M per month was rapidly moved to the new company while still using the old parent’s SAP ERP. The solution, which met unique integration requirements, synchronised invoice and supplier details between the 2 systems to create payment records that the new company could action. Validation eliminated the risk of payment duplication and ensured that suppliers were paid when invoices were due. The result was a robust solution that was delivered on time and on budget.

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AG is an independent SAP Consultancy, SAP Gold Partner and SAP Quality Awards Finalist. AG’s high quality, smart solutions effectively solve real-world challenges for some of the most successful businesses in sectors such as energy, oil & gas and consumer goods.

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