Data Governance

The Challenge

Mastery of your key business Data is fast becoming key not just for competitive differentiation and growth but increasingly critical for survival. If you find yourself behind the curve the challenge to catch up can seem daunting – but with a systematic approach the foundation underpinning your Data Assets can quickly be stabilised, any gaps or legacy Data issues can be addressed and robust Data Governance measures embedded to ensure you nurture and preserve prized Data Inventory going forward.

What AG Provides

We have an exceptional track record of providing Smart Solutions to address Data Governance challenges for some of the UK’s most high profile and successful Blue Chip clients. Whether or not we have had a hand in helping establish your Data Standards or to get your legacy data in good shape we are still well placed to help ensure you can keep your data in good shape going forward. Depending upon individual needs we help close out points of failure and to create and embed tools which not only enforce compliance but also improve usability as well as reducing both User Training and Error correction overhead.

Our Approach

Firstly we leverage tried and tested methods, supplemented by a workforce comprising some of the most capable and experienced experts in their specialist fields. Then we provide direct access to a diverse range of specialist tools and internal technical expertise which extends our scope for delivering sometimes innovative but highly effective solutions to timescales and at costs which are almost unheard of when compared to adopting a narrow traditional approach. We have lots of experience of traditional mainstream methods and often advocate the use of these, but in many cases a creative and flexible approach together with the adoption of next generation or innovative technology (such as RPA/Automation , AI, ML, etc) can open up new possibilities and result in significant gains.

Benefits of the AG Solution

Better Governance

Improve data integrity.


Automate approval and sign off.


Full visibility and tracking across data lifecycles.

Improve Performance

Measure against agreed business SLAs.

Case Studies

AG is an independent SAP Consultancy, SAP Gold Partner and SAP Quality Awards Finalist. AG’s high quality, smart solutions effectively solve real-world challenges for some of the most successful businesses in sectors such as energy, oil & gas and consumer goods.

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