The Challenge

When companies invest in SAP they are often motivated by its great potential for system improvements thanks to its unparalleled depth, rigour and scalability. However, while SAP provides the gold standard when it comes to ERP and processing capabilities, realising system improvements requires businesses to get SAP to work well. This is a challenge where automation can help.

Our Approach

AG is a trusted innovator in the area of Automation for SAP. We are not just a prominent partner for the leading automation software vendors, but we also have a second to none reputation for delivering fit for purpose and practical solutions that add great value. Our unique strengths in the area of SAP Automation has its roots in the core of our business. Our close internal collaboration coupled with our breadth and depth of skills and experience across Industry, SAP and automation tools enables us to deliver solutions that go well beyond the capabilities of any one product vendor or generalist service provider. AG are not bound by a single product or partnership, nor we suffer from conflicting interests. We have become trusted partners to some of the UK’s most successful organisations for delivering high quality solutions that add real value.

Benefits of the AG Solution

Cost Savings

Tangible direct and indirect cost savings.


Typical ROI in weeks or months, not years.


Doing the right things, right first time.


Metrics and insights that you can trust.

Case Studies

AG is an independent SAP Consultancy, SAP Gold Partner and SAP Quality Awards Finalist. AG’s high quality, smart solutions effectively solve real-world challenges for some of the most successful businesses in sectors such as energy, oil & gas and consumer goods.

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